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#Salfate_free #SLES_free #Parabin_free Products .... #FDA_certified Glad to say that #MishkaOrganic has collaborated with #Ayurvedic Beauty Tadm + RasShastra PG Doctor ... And you don't want to take any risk about your skin and who can give you more advice than a doctor .... !! That's why Mishka Organic, with the help of doctors, made many necessary changes in each product ..... We are bringing you more great products.....

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We practice Returning to Society, thus fulfilling basic purpose of our existence. Start Reselling Mishka organic handmade products and earn 40,000-50,000/- per months guaranteed...

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Ayurvedic Hair and eyebrows Oil

Ayurvedic Hair Oil - Ayurvedic Hair Oil made up of 37 Jadibuti's... best for - Excessive hair loss, May be bald, Bran, cracks, Gray hair ... a surefire solution for all ... !!!! Will give you 100% benefit ... Best result..... Tried and tasted on human skin... 100% natural ... No side effects ..

Facial Bomb ( Gold/ Diamond/ Fruit / D tan)

Made entirely with #Ayurvedic ingredients and made without using any unnecessary shimmer / glitter / glitter Very suitable for all skin types as it is made without using any shimmer that is harmful to any skin type .... Sensitive skin can also be used ... Products with 100% result..... Save your Rs 500-1000 using this facial bomb ..... Get parlor facial glow in 5 minutes at home For dry, oily, normal skin ..

Dark spot soap / Pimple soap / Skin whitening soap / Scrub soap / Milk and honey soap / skin tightening Soap / Saffron soap

All herbal and organic Soap for every skin type and every skin problems.. Tried and tasted on human skin... Best results for Dark spots., pigmentation, hyper pigmentation, sun tanned skin, under eyes circle, Wang spots etc etc... Miracle happens when you used this soap.....

Stretch marks Gel / pigmentation Gel / pimple Gel / UnderArm whitening Gel / Skin tightening Gel

All types of gel available for every skin problems..

Wax powder / Hair removal powder

WAX POWDER (hair removing powder without pain) 1)Zero side effects 2)No pain like waxing 3)Easy to use at home 4)For both males and females 5)cheaper than waxing No pain only tan free hair free skin No more waiting in the Parlours and spending hours and adjusting your busy schedule to get our work done.Here introducing Multani mitti based wax powder.Doesnot contain any harmful chemical and dont have bleach . No pain with hot waxes.No side effects only smooth tan free hair free skin.In 15mins you yourself can do full body waxing and also at your convenient time. Book your pack now One pack can be used for full body waxing Procedure: Add wax powder in water make a paste not to runny and not to thick.Leave for 10-15minutes.Apply with brush or hands .Than take a wet towel remove from opposite direction and see the magic

Weight loss Powder / Weight Gain powder

Pure ayurvedic 10 herbs mix for weight reduction.... Made it under doctors supervision.... With FSSI licence ..... * Weight loss powder * Ayurvedic powder 3 months course complet 1) Made entirely in Ayurvedic method so no side effects will be seen on the body. 2) 1 teaspoon of this powder in 1 glass of water Soak, boil it till half a glass of water in the morning and drink it hot .... * Guduchi, Wawding, etc. It is made from 10 types of Ayurvedic medicines .... * No side effects. * 3) With this, if you follow a small diet (all white foods should be stopped), you lose 3-5 kg ??100% in a month. Even if you don't follow any diet, you will lose 1-2kg 100% !!

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